Hi, I’m Mark, co-owner of Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC, and Senior Application Developer at ADP. Specializing in AngularJS, I have over 5 years of agency experience building all sorts of websites and web applications, including mobile websites, parallax websites, and full-on LAMP stack dynamic web apps. I also build XML layouts for Android applications. Just about all of the sites I build are based off the Twitter Bootstrap CSS & Javascript framework, along with the latest version of WordPress. For Angular apps, I use UIBootstrap instead of the jQuery-based Bootstrap JS. This website merely has code samples, my freelance work is located on the Pixel Pandas website.

Here’s some stuff I’m working on.

Most of my work is done through Nickelfish, but here’s some personal and freelance stuff I’ve been working on.

Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC – A freelance company I started with the help of Chris Miller, a brilliant full-stack developer I have known for over 10 years.

Coostr – An interactive drink coaster developed by industrial designer Dominick Bizzarri. Pops up like a turtle, and is dishwasher safe.

Redmote – An open source universal remote for Android phones. Development has stopped on this, looking for contributors.

Code Snippets – A list of useful snippets and plugins I wrote to speed up your development process.