Cherokee XJ

XJ Cherokee – Limited Heated Leather Interior Retro-fit

On the XJ Cherokee, particularly talking about the 1997-2001 model years, the “Sport” models came with non-power, fixed-back (no adjustable headrest) cloth seats. “Country” models came with a different seat style, which had a detachable headrest and are essentially a cloth version of the “leather” (vinyl) Limited trim seats. Anyways, onto the installation. First, I […]

97-01 OEM AMC Rear Tire Carrier Install

An extremely rare item, the AMC / Chrysler OEM spare tire carrier was an option on early 90s era Cherokee XJ models. There were 2 main types of tire carriers, and for the purpose of this post we will focus on the bumper-mounted tire carrier. These tire carriers were only offered on earlier model Cherokees, […]

XJ Cherokee – Overhead Console Install

The factory overhead console is a great modification to the Cherokee XJ. Offered as an option through the years, Jeep made this a plug-and-play affair as long as you source the correct wiring harness for your year XJ. 97-98 harnesses work with 97-98 Cherokees. 99-01 have a slightly revised harness. Otherwise, this is a very […]