97-01 OEM AMC Rear Tire Carrier Install

An extremely rare item, the AMC / Chrysler OEM spare tire carrier was an option on early 90s era Cherokee XJ models. There were 2 main types of tire carriers, and for the purpose of this post we will focus on the bumper-mounted tire carrier. These tire carriers were only offered on earlier model Cherokees, pre-97. So, if you have a 97-01 model, this requires you to drill into your bumper, mount the catch on your hatch and use a license plate relocation kit, like this one from Quadratec.

Here are some pictures of how it looked like from the factory, as well as some parts diagrams and some example installations. Thanks to user DarrellXJ for the pictures on CherokeeForum.com.


    • Hi Alenazy, the carrier in the photo is not mine, nor for sale. I am simply doing a write-up of the install process. Thanks!

    • Hey James! Things got crazy busy since I made that post, and I ended up selling the OEM carrier I had in favor of a full A-frame tire carrier. But, I will still complete the tutorial as I have a lot of information on doing the install of the OEM one!

  1. Hey Mark, I know this post is old but I am trying to find one of these tire carriers myself. It’s a bit of a mission.. however do you know what the part number for the tire carrier is? The whole thing, carrier hinge and all.

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