XJ Cherokee – Overhead Console Install

The factory overhead console is a great modification to the Cherokee XJ. Offered as an option through the years, Jeep made this a plug-and-play affair as long as you source the correct wiring harness for your year XJ. 97-98 harnesses work with 97-98 Cherokees. 99-01 have a slightly revised harness. Otherwise, this is a very straightforward install on the 97-01 XJ.

Be sure to swap the “brain” or the central locking motherboard over to the overhead console so that it works with your power locks. After removing the dome light, you can see where the center bracket should mount, it only makes sense one way. Use a very short self tapping screw to mount it into position.

Parts Needed

Part Number Description
55352518 Mounting bracket
QL741K5, QL741W8, QL651W8, or QL651K5Console housing
4882780Wiring harness

Swapping the Keyless Entry “Brain”

Remove your existing dome light, and remove the screws holding the motherboard in place. This will swap directly over to the overhead console, and will let you retain your keyless entry.

Cut Headliner Holes

Unless you happened to grab the headliner board from a Cherokee that came from the factory with an overhead console, you will need to cut holes for the front display wiring, and you will need to modify the opening where the bracket mounts.

Bracket Mounting Tips

The bracket mounts quite easily. Just grab 2 self tapping screws no longer than 1/4″ as you don’t want screws coming out of your roof.

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